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The product is the brand

Entry Brief

This campaign for Heinz Ketchup was one of the best things at Cannes Lions this year.

Advertising awards are often given to campaigns that are ‘purposeful’ or have an agenda that’s somehow separate to the old fashioned notion of making brands famous and selling their products.

‘Draw Ketchup’ is simple. A confident celebration of a product that reaffirms its superiority, its ubiquity and its brand love.There’s only one Heinz Ketchup, and don’t they just know it.

The brilliant thing is that loads of famous products have a brand campaign in their armoury just waiting to happen. Famous assets that are waiting to be exploited.

The Brief

Advertise any brand only using one of its most recognisable product attributes.

It could be using anything that the product is known for.

The shape of the bottle or the jar.

The colour of the brand.

The font or the picture of the logo.

The shape of the label.

The smell or the taste or the texture.


It can be any media – film, social media, poster, experiential event..

Go big and go simple.

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